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    Sat4Flood: A global levee risk monitoring service based on satellite data
    Why Levee Risk Monitoring
    The consequences of levee failure are huge. Sea level rise, extreme weather such as hurricanes, storms and drought events around the world continue to lead to critical flood defence failures resulting in tragic losses of life and the devastation of large areas. Examples are the levee failures around New Orleans due to hurricane Katrina (2005) and New York City due to hurricane Sandy (2012), and the flooding of the rivers Elbe and Donau in central Europe due to heavy rainfall (2013). These failures have led to heavy damage and casualties. 

    Why Sat4Flood? 
    The traditional way of detection risks of levee failures is difficult, expensive, and covers only parts of water barriers at a certain point in time. Usually, a combination of (yearly) visual inspection and in-situ geotechnical and hydrological measurements is used to determine levee quality and strength. The moments in time and the places to monitor are in most cases randomly chosen.
    Water managers, insurance companies, real estate development organizations and other (government) agencies responsible for water safety need cost effective tools to better manage levee failure risks. The project develops flood defence observations and risk prevention based on space data; these Sat4Flood services will open up space data and convert these into comprehensible information on the levee’s and other related assets. 

    What is Sat4Flood
    Especially for experts that have responsibilities for safety and for prevention, we deploy a service that indicates stress factors of levees based on the most actual satellite data that can be implemented anywhere in the world. Sat4Flood visualizes the risks of levee failure based on the most recent earth observation satellite data. This development combines the innovative technologies of satellite high-resolution soil moisture data with InSAR deformation data and other earth observation data sources, herewith bringing scientific research into practice. Sat4Flood indicates the flood risk based on levee failure mechanisms such as overtopping and saturation, and enables high quality, large area covering, cost effective, and frequent monitoring based on Satellite Earth Observation.

    Who develops Sat4Flood 
    Sat4Flood is an innovative service developed by SMEs Miramap (experts in levee monitoring with remote sensing), SkyGeo (experts in asset deformation monitoring with InSAR) and 52Impact (experts in commercialising earth observation data products and services for new markets). Sat4Flood receives support from the ESA InCubed programme.

    Sat4Flood explained in 3 minutes

    Are you interested in Sat4Flood? Would you like more information or request a demo? Please contact us directly.

    Project start with ESA InCubed team and consortium at ESA-ESRIN in Frascati

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